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Wash Mitt
Wash Mitt
8 711 Ft

Wash Mitt

Wash Mitt
Wash Mitt
Wash Mitt
Wash Mitt
Wash Mitt

Extra soft and highly absorbent wash mitt made of Premium Plush microfiber.

Feel the difference!

The new version of our wash mitt from The Collection. This is made from the finest materials for the ultimate in paint protection and extreme durability.

With the new microfiber core, which retains the perfect amount of water, we created a completely new washing experience, as well the new core has become so much softer. Furthermore, the three different Premium Plush fibers have been completely redesigned to provide an outstanding glide on all surfaces during washing.
As a highlight we have embroidered our logo on the cuff.
The two halves of the microfiber wash glove are connected together in the middle at the level of the middle finger. This makes the glove much easier to hold during the wash.


  • New Premium Plush microfiber
  • New Microfiber Core
  • The Collection Logo Stick
  • Ultimate paint protection and durability
  • Extra gentle to the paint, as well as highly effective


  • Scope of delivery: 1 piece
  • Dimensions: 18 x 23cm
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Color: Black / Dark gray 
  • Recommended use:
    • Car wash
    • Various uses in the home
In stock
8 711 Ft
Unit price: 8 711 Ft/piece

User manual:

Machine washing up to 60° is not a problem, nor is drying in a tumble dryer.
Commercial microfiber cleaners can be used.
After washing, shake it in all directions to straighten the fibers again.
However, it is very important:
Never wash microfiber cloths with fabric softener!
This can cause the fibers to "stick together" and harden, reducing the effectiveness of the products.
It is recommended to wash the products before the first use.
This way, production residues and lint can be effectively washed away, and thread-free work is guaranteed from the very first use.
In the case of particularly intense colors (darker or lighter colors), it is advisable to wash the towels 1-2 times separately to avoid discoloration of other products. If you notice discoloration, you can continue to use the cloth without any problems, as it is only an optical defect.

145 g/package